Gameplay Journal Entry #3: Modded Minecraft

The modified game I chose to write about this week is Minecraft modified by Feed the Beast, specifically the mod pack names SkyFactory 3. Minecraft is one of the most modded games around and has been for years, it’s development style has allowed for the game to be modified in countless ways with mods that add items, change the looks of the game, or even completely alter game mechanics. Minecraft is already a game with endless possibilities and lots of ways to play the game but adding mods to it allows for more experiences to be opened up to the player. Modifications to games, even games like Minecraft, have led to the offspring of brand new games separate from the base game. (Schleiner, 36) In the case of Minecraft, many new game modes and even games with their own launchers have been developed and published separate from the base game. Mods and plugins to servers have allowed for games within the game to become popular over the years.

This specific mod-pack alters the game so the player starts out on a floating island in a void of nothingness with only a bit of dirt, some water, and a tree to start. The player can start from this nothingness and using new items and mechanics added to the game, like picking up pebbles from the grass, can work their way up to an over the top factory or even launch themselves to the moon. The mod adds things like new machines that allow the player to interact with the environment in new ways, farm items easier, or transform items. There’s also new mechanics added to the game like electricity, weather, and new environments. It’s a really fun experience with a lot of added playtime to a game that already has endless possibilities.

Schleiner, A. (p36). The Player’s Power to Change the Game.




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